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Jason Krochalis
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The word “home” first resonated with Jason when his grandmother shared her belief that “residing someplace comfortable, and being ‘at home’ are two very different things.” For Jason, a husband and father, home is his refuge. As both a contractor and an award-winning agent, making a house home for his clients is his specialty and his passion.

Jason’s love for his own home and community propelled him into a career in construction and later, real estate. A career that let him help others achieve their dream, enhance local communities and spend time with his family was a no-brainer. And Jason loves his work.

Beginning in residential and commercial construction remodels exposed Jason to talented builders and designers. After becoming a general contractor, he saw firsthand the craftsmanship and engineering in the construction, renovation and remodeling of dozens of projects as well as the art of customizing and personalizing houses. All this experience gives Jason the background and insight to recognize value, potential and opportunity.

A realtor with entrepreneurial vision, Jason focuses on primary residential listings and investment properties, providing a skilled eye for clients who are looking to customize houses to perfectly suit their priorities. His unique proficiency means Jason offers both sellers and buyers the ability to find their own vision and see it through. He’s dedicated to helping sellers best present their house for the current market and helping buyers envision and execute their concept from start to finish.

Jason is a hands-on professional with a warm and personal approach. He’ll get you through your move or your renovation with a laugh and a smile. Also a hands-on dad, Jason finds every opportunity to spend time with his daughters. At two and four years old, they’ve learned that “work is fun,” and they love helping Dad where “the guys are working.”

Jason and his family live in Morris County and he knows its towns and people well. He ensures that his clients don’t just move into a house, but into a community. You’ll be introduced to local merchants, to the right tradespeople and learn where to get the best sandwich in town. You can trust that Jason Krochalis will do more than find you a house. He’ll help you make your house home.
Designations/Licenses: Green Designated

Jason Krochalis

  • Real Estate Professional
55 South Street
Morristown, New Jersey 07960 United States